Welcome to my digital life.

My name is Fabian Morón Zirfas a.k.a. fabiantheblind. I am a lab dog @ the university of applied sciences Potsdam, freelance motiongrapher and coder living in Berlin who occasionally does stuff that involves things. These tiny icons below are some projects and pages on what I do and about myself. Feel Free to ask me anything.

AEMap v0.5 And Locations v0.4 »

13 Apr 2014

woohoo! \o/ AEMap.jsx 0.5 and Locations.jsx 0.4 4 #Adobe #AfterEffects are released on @aescripts aescripts.com/locations || aescripts.com/aemap

Teaser Music: the askew is wholesome by Lezet

  • 5 New projections types 4 both scripts ! woohoo! \o/
  • AEMap and Locations share the same geo core now
  • world.geo.json data is included in AEMap
  • Fixes and Additions To world.geo.json



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